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Paving The Way To Your Dream Goal

Over the years, the name of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) has become synonymous with success in IITJEE. Vidyamandir has over the years designed, delivered, perfected and innovated the art and science of teaching and guiding students for entrance exam for the IITs, which are recognized as the Premier Technology Institutions across the world.

Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is run by a group of Ex-IITians, who have over the years, guided thousands of IIT aspirants to fulfil their dream of getting into the prestigious IITs.

OmDayal Group, the founding father of the two most coveted CBSE schools- DPS Ruby Park, Kolkata, and DPS Durgapur- has joined hands with Delhi's No. 1 IIT-JEE preparatory institute, to give students of Class XI and XII of Kolkata the extra edge, required to secure admission into the country's top engineering institutes.

Regular Classroom Courses are based on the time tested teaching methodology which has been perfected by VMC and which has produced unmatched results in IITJEE consistently over the past 20 years.

Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is synonymous with success in IIT-JEE, helping students to success seats in IIT and other premier engineering colleges across the country.

With SIP (School Integrated Program) and RCC (Regular Classroom Classes) to choose from, students have to appear for a National Admission test for admissions.

We Offer 3 different courses for aspirants

Regular Classroom Course (RCC)

A 2-Year Preparatory Course for IIT JEE designed to fulfil your Special Dream

VMC’s RCC Programme held at Unitech Chambers, in Rashbehari Avenue – Bypass Connector, Kolkata, is the most sought after coaching course for Engineering aspirants.

  • The RCC course is open to students of all schools. Classes are held at Unitech Chambers.
  • All classes in RCC are conducted by a team of highly experienced faculty (mostly IIT - ians) who nurture and guide the students.
  • We follow the same pedagogy as in Delhi, but when it comes to the exposure and personal attention by the IITian faculty, we are a step ahead of them
  • Classes are held in small groups to ensure personal attention. The pedagogy is based on structured thinking and leads to better problem solving.
  • Extra classes are conducted by academic experts. No compromise in time ensures students achieve better results.
  • The study material comprises Modules, Supplements and Solutions.
  • It prepares students not only for JEE Mains and Advanced but also for the board exams.
  • Periodic tests and assignment along with mock exams give the students a cutting edge.
  • Through the Course students are taught techniques of Time Management that ensure how to manage time during exams, excel and score well.
  • HRT (Hourly Review Test) of 3-hr duration, are held every month on JEE Mains pattern.
  • Dedicated Mentor Team, Motivational classes and special guidance for rank improvement are some of the special features of RCC.
  • VMC's JEE Advanced Tests consists of two papers (in each subject), each of 3-hour duration. The tests are held once at the end of class 11 and 4 times in Class 12. These tests help students immensely in their quest to qualify for IIT and other top engineering colleges.

#Plus Service Tax @ 15% (Subject to change as per Govt. Notification)
Admission Criterion for all the above courses: On the basis of performance in National Admission Test (NAT) conducted by VMC.

Foundation Course for Students of Classes IX and X

In order to build a strong foundation for fundamental concepts in Maths and Science, it has become imperative to start early.

These foundation courses have become immensely popular among all Science students, especially IIT aspirants. Moreover, the students who have gone through the foundation course, learn, understand and practice the core concepts better and are on a better footing when they begin class XI.

  • The focus is on the fundamental concepts in Maths and Science, to help students excel in both the school course and IIT-JEE preparation.
  • The student is helped in honing reasoning and analytical abilities for IIT - JEE as well as academic, personal and professional life.
  • The student is introduced to the primary concepts of IIT-JEE preparation. This well spaced course structure helps the student to approach the IIT-JEE in a stress free manner and improves the probability of scoring better.
  • Classes are held in small groups to ensure personal attention
  • Along with classroom session and comprehensive study material, online test series is provided to students. This helps in assessing and improving their performance.

#Plus Service Tax @ 15% (Subject to change as per Govt. Notification)
Admission Criterion for all the above courses: On the basis of performance in National Admission Test (NAT) conducted by VMC.

National Admission Test on 13th May 2017

Venue: Unitech Chambers

If you are interested in / want to appear for National Admission Test, fill up form below. We will notify you.

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Give the nation a bright future with your own hands!

We, at Vidyamandir classes, have retained our reputation, as the best guide for IITJEE Test preparations all over the country, since 1987. Comprehensive guidance and unparalleled pedagogy have helped IITJEE aspirants to stay a step ahead of others and achieve academic brilliance.

Now it's your chance to be a part of this beacon of knowledge! Vidyamandir Classes have been introduced in Kolkata, by the OmDayal Group, the founder organisation of DPS Ruby Park Kolkata, DPS Durgapur and OmDayal College of Engineering & Architecture and we are seeking dynamic individuals with the zeal to inspire others. Only individuals with the passion to revolutionise the education system may apply!

Some perks of joining with us -

  • We are the best in our domain.
  • Most of the faculties are IITians , thereby giving the opportunity to learn and work with best faculties.
  • Our compensation package is best in the industry. No constraint for the right talent.
  • Get the joy of teaching the very best talents of the city.

- and many more.

**Mail your detailed CV with a passport size photograph to jobs@omdayal.in

Contact Information

We serve across the nation with operations in various other cities including Kolkata, where it has been introduced by the prestigious OmDayal Group.

Centre Address (Registered Office / Regular ClassRoom Course)
“The Chambers" Kasba, Opp. Gitanjali Stadium.
Premises 1865, Unit 405, Rajdanga Main Road
West Bengal
Contact No:8100555444

For feedback or queries please email us at feedback.vidyamandir@gmail.com

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